harrylives (harrylives) wrote,

Slythendor RP - Closed to Slythendors and their nearest and dearest

Harry emerges from his bedroom for the first time since the Midsummer party and does a quick cleaning charm on the common area of the Sythendor Suite in preparation for the meeting. Ron and the girls should be here soon and then they can talk about what to do now that Voldemort is back.

He runs a hand through his hair and gazes moodily out the window before noticing Ginny. He goes over an gives her a hug.

"Oh, I'd better let Ed know." Harry calls Hedwig, newly returned from Ron and writes a quick message to Edward Elric.

Ed, the guy that killed my parents and heaps of other people has been un-popcorned. We're having a meeting in the Slythendor Suite. If you want to come I'll get Ginny to change the wards.
Tags: ed, ginny, harry, hermione, james, lily, luna, lupin, ron, rp, sirius
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